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Chapter One

(Under FOREWORD, CONTENTS, SYSTEM, if your read FIND YOUR SOUL'S PURP0SE AND PERSONALITY TYPE, guidance is given to help you find out what Rays your Soul and Personality are)



Great Changes in Various Disciplines
Taurus or Pisces Sun Sign--Ray 1 Personality
Aries, Leo, or Capricorn Ascendant is a possible
  Ray 1 Soul (see Foreword, Contents, System )

Ray 1 is the most powerful of all Rays, and its rulers, Pluto and Vulcan, are the most powerful of all planets. The optimal use of Ray 1 energy is destroying outworn concepts, ideas and structures which delay the progress of humankind, and replace them with higher ones that humanity is now ready for. Yet Ray I energy can also preserve and maintain those concepts, ideas and structures that are still valuable for human evolvement.

Ray 1 energy is sharp and brilliant. Its brilliance, among other attributes, gives capacity to see the whole picture--to know what needs destroying and what needs preserving.
You can easily see the futility of continuing to manifest your character flaws with the resulting difficult karmic experiences and have wisdom and power to transmute weaknesses into strengths and thus reap rewards.

Ray 1 gives global vision which helps you see the big picture of a problem in any discipline. Government officials who have Ray 1 Souls or Personalities can easily understand that needs and abilities of other nations , as well as one's own, must be taken into account before just and wise decisions can be made. This says what is best for any other country is also best for one's own because the Law of Karma works for nations as well as individuals (see Chapter IX).

The colors of Ray 1 are red and white. While red's vibration bestows more energy than white, it is inadvisable at this stage of evolvement of the human race to use red profusely. Unless one's thoughts, words and deeds are always for the good of others, the use of red often provokes feelings of irritability, nervousness, anger and violence. However, red used for stop lights is wise because its energy is immediate and hits one between they eyes. White, the combination of all colors of the spectrum which are the colors of all Rays, vibrates intelligence, intuition, wisdom, love and self-confidence. Ray 1 Souls and Personalities can benefit by choosing white in clothes, linens, home furnishings, cars and so on.

The Monad (Spirit) is associated with Ray 1. Its Lord is Master Morya who is the former Saint Peter. The sense of Ray 1 is touch. The stone is the diamond, symbolizing sharpness and brilliance to the mind. The element is Akasha which is the storehouse of Universal Mind. Ray 1 has affinity with the Great Bear Constellation and with Shambala (those extremely highly evolved Spiritual entities who form God's Plan for earth). The most common symbol is the Eye of Shiva--the All-Seeing Eye, the Universal Eye--which directs the will of God. The most ancient symbol is the Angel with the Flaming Sword who lovingly in the after-life turns away those seeking admittance to the higher planes who are undeserving--thus protecting them from dangers they would encounter because of the difference in their vibrations and those of the higher planes.

Ray 1 energy is synonymous with power, clear vision, sense of time, singleness of purpose and detachment.

As Ray 1 Souls and Personalities, you can perform a great service now at the dawning of this New Age, a time when many changes are being made. Clear vision is badly needed to differentiate between what needs saving and what should be destroyed. Power is required to either preserve or destroy to produce liberation. You possess powerful energy, strong wills and clear vision urgently needed to make necessary changes in rapport with the New Aquarian energies.

Every Ray energy can be used unwisely or wisely--you have free will. The more wisely you use its energies, the better you can help humanity and therefore incur rewarding Karma and Soul evolvement for yourself. Because Ray 1 is the most powerful of all Rays, it will either greatly harm or help humanity and yourself.

Ray 1 energy is the most difficult of all Ray energies to use wisely--its sharpness, one-pointedness and brilliance in its ability to quickly attain its goal are all plus attributes if no others are concerned, but we live in a world of people, animals, plants and minerals--all having certain needs. You may have a tendency to brook no interference with others so that you can quickly actualize your ideas which are usually brilliant, but if you lack concern and love for others, many enemies result. This scenario brings much lesson-teaching Karma, often causing your brilliant projects to initially fail.

Thus you suffer greatly and learn quickly to combine your innate power and brilliance with love and concern for the needs of others. Now, instead of forcing your will on others, you invite their ideas in a cooperative fashion. Instead of believing that only your ideas of a project can be successful, you become aware that others, too, have helpful thoughts that can be fused with yours for more success. Instead of becoming angry and irritable toward those who offer suggestions, you welcome with understanding and love all who want and are able to add to the project's success. You no longer feel that your ideas and only your ideas will work, but develop a sort of humility in knowing that those of certain others are even sometimes better than your own.

When you have attained this level, you will find yourself so much in rhythm with the whole, profiting greatly in better physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health. You will no longer feel isolated, alone and aloof. Yet you are able, because of your power, strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness, singleness of purpose, force of will, vision, power-to-do-good and leadership to use your energy dynamically in furthering God's Plan on earth. You can then, at the beginning of this New Age, make the necessary changes in any discipline--having the foresight of knowing which concepts, ideas and structures need to be destroyed, which should optimally be substituted and which ones should be allowed to exist, all for the good of humankind, not for your self-centered desires.

The greatest challenge of Ray 1 Souls and Personalities is to develop as much love and concern for others as for self.

Following is a list of character weaknesses you are prone to and the strengths you have or can have through transmutation. Although self-discipline is necessary to overcome your flaws, it is unwise to repress them as that would cause problems from your unconscious mind. Instead, because energy follows thought, transmute the energy of your weaknesses into specific strengths by visualizing often the following strengths, along with self-discipline. As you transmute your character weaknesses into strengths, your life will become more successful, enjoyable and fulfilled.


    UNWISE USE                                                  WISE USE
Lack of understanding and love           Unattached love for all
Power used for self-centered desires   Power for common good
Intolerance                                          Cooperation
Isolation and loneliness                        Seeing the Oneness of A