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with an original system and

Insights for Happiness and Success

Millions of searchers for truth all over the world are reading the 24 volumes of the Alice Bailey books which were dictated by the Master Djwal Khul who works under Koot Humi who works directly under the Christ. Author Ruth Mierswa has read hundreds of spiritual books and none has compared to the wisdom found in these volumes which go all the way from government to psychology and astrology.

But there is only one drawback--most readers find it difficult to understand. Mierswa, having read all these books twice and meditated deeply on each, found answers that she shared in her writings which are spiritual/metaphysical, astrological.

Lynn Muelbl from West Allis, WI wrote in, "Learning Esoteric Astrology straight from the Master DK in Bailey's 'Esoteric Astrology' or even from Oken's "Soul-Centered Astrology' can be difficult. Ruth Mierswa clearly has thoroughly studied Alice Bailey and has a gift for translating the material for all to comprehend."

Mierswa's second book, Who You Are and Why You Are Here, has outdone her first book in that no knowledge of astrology is necessary to understand the entire book. In the first half of this book detailed information to find your Life Purpose and Personality Type is offered. Psychologists say that to attain good health, one's Life Purpose must be manifested, but they have no tools to find it. This book, Who You Are and Why You Are Here, has the tools! Mierswa developed a system to find one's Life Purpose and Personality Type that is validated by showing in this book how the Life Purposes of 226 successful people found by this system coincide with the contributions of each, and by six studies and four bar graphs.

The basis for this is a new astrology developed by Mierswa, using the Seven Rays from contemplating the 24 Alice Bailey books. Hans Kostwog, who educated psychotherapists, physicists, economists, judges and healers in Holland and Germany, believes that the Seven Rays are the most important--the framework that brings all other disciplines together. This book show shows how the Seven Rays not only can bring all disciplines together and lift each to a higher level, but especially how each reader can be lifted to a higher level. It has been translated into a foreign language.

So many people are hurting from anger and guilt. They want to know "Why me? Why did this happen to me?" Some turn to drugs, such as Prozac, which bring temporary relief but also causes serious side effects. Some others have surgically implanted small computer-type instruments in their chests and also found relief but this resulted in speech difficulties because of trauma to the larynx. While some others are led to mainstream therapists who lead them back to difficult childhood experiences, often putting blame on parents who are less than perfect (as are we all) or even on God who gave them these parents in the first place. Still other therapists and writers say to forgive your parents or those who wronged you and let it go. You may be able to consciously forgive them, but it is extremely difficult not to suppress this anger or experience your guilt. Yet this book helps you get rid of anger and guilt both on a conscious and unconscious level by helping you understand why you have these experiences, and how these experiences are opportunities for spiritual growth.

All these modalities give only temporary relief of symptoms and all cause other serious health problems. Only getting at the basis and true cause of anger and guilt can anxiety and depression be lifted permanently and without side effects. This book, Who You Are and Why You Are Here, does just that! It explains the Universal Laws of Reincarnation and Karma so that our anger and anxiety is lifted and our guilt and depression no longer affect us. It works!

The author, Ruth Mierswa who pioneered this work, and readers have turned their lives completely around. Irene Bouchard, Naples, NY said that before she knew the information in this book and made it a part of herself, she was so frustrated that she felt she couldn't go on any longer, but now is happier than she has ever been and is uplifting many others. Nancy Piccarreto, Rochester, NY became very ill, but after using the concepts in this book, her health has not only improved, but she is helping others in the way she has been helped. A teenager who was in a gang left his group and worked on his upliftment from the information in this book. One reader said she had many spiritual questions for years and read about 100 spiritual books and attended 12 spiritual workshops and received no answers, yet found all answers is this book. These questions and more are answered on a detailed and deep level, accepted by readers all the way form a fourteen year old who said, "It makes sense" to a skeptical scientist (go to About the Author for details).

Throughout the centuries writers and theologians have stressed the importance of forgiveness. Yet many find this very difficult, especially if they or their loved ones are harmed seriously. This book explains how we create everything that happens to us and readers can even send thoughts of gratefulness to the perpetrator for teaching them needed lessons.

So many people are searching for answers and have not found them in psychology or organized religions. They are now turning to spiritually and astrology, pushing these disciplines headlong into mainstream. Spiritual astrology is now beginning to gain serious coverage in the media. The 1997 issue of LIFE featured a zodiac cover titled, "Why So Many Of Us Now Believe The Stars Reflect The Soul, ASTROLOGY RISING" with a lead article. Mierswa's book focuses on both spirituality and astrology.

Some of the Original Workable Insights explained in detail in the 2nd half of this book:

How to free yourself from anger, guilt, anxiety and depression

Why difficult experiences are blessings in disguise

Why some people have many difficult experiences

How everything happens for your ultimate good

How you create your own reality

Why and how your thoughts can either injure or heal

How to be unhurt by those who wrong you

When it is unecessary to forgive others

How to love yourself and others

Why the parents you have are the best one for your soul progress

How mind, body and spirit are interconnected

How good thoughts, words and actions give better health and soul evolvement

Why people who have nervous breakdowns are often very highly evolved

Quiz to identify your level of evolvement and guidance to evolve higher

How astrology, psychology, healing, spirituality and science can better help humankind

No religious dogma is given, but many spiritual universal concepts explained

Why some people are born with talents, good health or superior intellect

Fascinating account of a skeptic scientist doing a complete turn around

What in the author's horoscope indicates why she wrote this book

Five arguments some scientists use against astrology and Mierswa's refutations

What the great minds of the past and present say about astrology

To Order Who You Are and Why you Are Here, index, xix + 292 =311 total pages: Send check or money order $16+$3 S/H for first book US +$1 S/H each additional one; $16+$3 S/H elsewhere in US dollars on US bank for first book +$1 S/H each additional one; Send to: Ruth Mierswa, 1092 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, NY 14450. Autograph upon request.Web Site:

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