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Chapter One



Great Changes in Various Disciplines
Taurus or Pisces Sun Sign--Ray 1 Personality
Aries, Leo, or Capricorn Ascendant is a possible
  Ray 1 Soul (see Excerpts)

Ray 1 is the most powerful of all Rays, and its rulers, Pluto and Vulcan, are the most powerful of all planets. The optimal use of Ray 1 energy is destroying outworn concepts, ideas and structures which delay the progress of humankind, and replace them with higher ones that humanity is now ready for. Yet Ray I energy can also preserve and maintain those concepts, ideas and structures that are still valuable for human evolvement.

Ray 1 energy is sharp and brilliant. Its brilliance, among other attributes, gives capacity to see the whole picture--to know what needs destroying and what needs preserving.
You can easily see the futility of continuing to manifest your character flaws with the resulting difficult karmic experiences and have wisdom and power to transmute weaknesses into strengths and thus reap rewards.

Ray 1 gives global vision which helps you see the big picture of a problem in any discipline. Government officials who have Ray 1 Souls or Personalities can easily understand that needs and abilities of other nations , as well as one's own, must be taken into account before just and wise decisions can be made. This says what is best for any other country is also best for one's own because the Law of Karma works for nations as well as individuals (see Chapter IX).

The colors of Ray 1 are red and white. While red's vibration bestows more energy than white, it is inadvisable at this stage of evolvement of the human race to use red profusely. Unless one's thoughts, words and deeds are always for the good of others, the use of red often provokes feelings of irritability, nervousness, anger and violence. However, red used for stop lights is wise because its energy is immediate and hits one between they eyes. White, the combination of all colors of the spectrum which are the colors of all Rays, vibrates intelligence, intuition, wisdom, love and self-confidence. Ray 1 Souls and Personalities can benefit by choosing white in clothes, linens, home furnishings, cars and so on.

The Monad (Spirit) is associated with Ray 1. Its Lord is Master Morya who is the former Saint Peter. The sense of Ray 1 is touch. The stone is the diamond, symbolizing sharpness and brilliance to the mind. The element is Akasha which is the storehouse of Universal Mind. Ray 1 has affinity with the Great Bear Constellation and with Shambala (those extremely highly evolved Spiritual entities who form God's Plan for earth). The most common symbol is the Eye of Shiva--the All-Seeing Eye, the Universal Eye--which directs the will of God. The most ancient symbol is the Angel with the Flaming Sword who lovingly in the after-life turns away those seeking admittance to the higher planes who are undeserving--thus protecting them from dangers they would encounter because of the difference in their vibrations and those of the higher planes.

Ray 1 energy is synonymous with power, clear vision, sense of time, singleness of purpose and detachment.

As Ray 1 Souls and Personalities, you can perform a great service now at the dawning of this New Age, a time when many changes are being made. Clear vision is badly needed to differentiate between what needs saving and what should be destroyed. Power is required to either preserve or destroy to produce liberation. You possess powerful energy, strong wills and clear vision urgently needed to make necessary changes in rapport with the New Aquarian energies.

Every Ray energy can be used unwisely or wisely--you have free will. The more wisely you use its energies, the better you can help humanity and therefore incur rewarding Karma and Soul evolvement for yourself. Because Ray 1 is the most powerful of all Rays, it will either greatly harm or help humanity and yourself.

Ray 1 energy is the most difficult of all Ray energies to use wisely--its sharpness, one-pointedness and brilliance in its ability to quickly attain its goal are all plus attributes if no others are concerned, but we live in a world of people, animals, plants and minerals--all having certain needs. You may have a tendency to brook no interference with others so that you can quickly actualize your ideas which are usually brilliant, but if you lack concern and love for others, many enemies result. This scenario brings much lesson-teaching Karma, often causing your brilliant projects to initially fail.

Thus you suffer greatly and learn quickly to combine your innate power and brilliance with love and concern for the needs of others. Now, instead of forcing your will on others, you invite their ideas in a cooperative fashion. Instead of believing that only your ideas of a project can be successful, you become aware that others, too, have helpful thoughts that can be fused with yours for more success. Instead of becoming angry and irritable toward those who offer suggestions, you welcome with understanding and love all who want and are able to add to the project's success. You no longer feel that your ideas and only your ideas will work, but develop a sort of humility in knowing that those of certain others are even sometimes better than your own.

When you have attained this level, you will find yourself so much in rhythm with the whole, profiting greatly in better physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health. You will no longer feel isolated, alone and aloof. Yet you are able, because of your power, strength, courage, steadfastness, truthfulness, singleness of purpose, force of will, vision, power-to-do-good and leadership to use your energy dynamically in furthering God's Plan on earth. You can then, at the beginning of this New Age, make the necessary changes in any discipline--having the foresight of knowing which concepts, ideas and structures need to be destroyed, which should optimally be substituted and which ones should be allowed to exist, all for the good of humankind, not for your self-centered desires.

The greatest challenge of Ray 1 Souls and Personalities is to develop as much love and concern for others as for self.

Following is a list of character weaknesses you are prone to and the strengths you have or can have through transmutation. Although self-discipline is necessary to overcome your flaws, it is unwise to repress them as that would cause problems from your unconscious mind. Instead, because energy follows thought, transmute the energy of your weaknesses into specific strengths by visualizing often the following strengths, along with self-discipline. As you transmute your character weaknesses into strengths, your life will become more successful, enjoyable and fulfilled.


    UNWISE USE                                                  WISE USE
Lack of understanding and love           Unattached love for all
Power used for self-centered desires   Power for common good
Intolerance                                          Cooperation
Isolation and loneliness                        Seeing the Oneness of All
Domination of others                           Respecting their freedom
Fearlessness yet creating fear in others  Helping others attain it
Pride and arrogance                             Strength of humility
Impatience                                           Patience
Destroying for self-centered reasons    Destroying when needed
Insisting on your way, right or wrong   Taking a stand on principle
Blaming others for your failures           Creating your own reality
Destroying with anger                          Destroying uneeded with love
Cruelty                                                Defending the weak

                      RAY 1 SOUL OF WILL AND POWER

An Aries, Leo or Capricorn Ascendant may give a Ray 1 Soul (see Excerpts)

Your Soul's Purpose is to use your brilliant mind to make needed changes in a certain discipline. Your greatest challenge is to activate new ideas and structures in rapport with Aquarian energies. This is accomplished by changing those parts of a discipline that are no longer needed which are preventing humanity to progress, substituting higher ones, yet keeping those parts that are still helpful.

At the dawning of a New Age which happens every 2160 years, new energies of that Age ever-increasingly reach the consciousness of humankind while the Old Age energies gradually decrease. The disciplines that served humanity in the past must change if they are to survive. Outworn concepts, ideas and structures of the past Piscean Age must be replaced by those of the New Aquarian Age so humanity can continue to evolve.

As a Ray 1 Soul, you are well equipped with the power, the will and the ability to see clearly the greater whole, the big picture and courageously make necessary changes in a discipline of your choice and capability consonant with your Ascendant, Personality Ray and Sun Sign energy. Following are some disciplines in which you can excel:

Because government officials wield more power than leaders in any other discipline and because global vision is necessary for success, more Ray 1 Souls are found in government than in any other field.

You have the ability to see the big picture on a national scale and understand its ramifications--that unless the government is run for the good of all people with primary requisites of food, clothing, shelter, health care and education for everyone, it cannot be successful. That means, among many other things, getting rid of lobbying by special interest groups and settling international disputes by sitting down at the table rather than going to war which not only kills people and creates hatred, but uses money that should be directed to those in need.

Your global vision enables you to see and understand what each country including your own can give other countries and what it needs from them. You can well understand the Universal Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (see Chapter IX)--knowing that nations operate the same as individuals. Just as individuals who care about no one but themselves have difficult karmic experiences, so do nations. From this understanding, you know that what is right and good for another nation, is ultimately good for your nation. Looking back through history, you can easily see that when a government leader through devious means has obtained an initial unfair advantage over another country, it has always later ended in a serious disadvantage for his or her own country.

With these insights, you are capable of getting your own house (nation) in order which will prompt other nations to do likewise.

Just as persons have Soul Rays, so do nations. The United States has a Ray 2 Soul of Love and Wisdom whose Soul's Purpose is to teach and/or heal other countries who are in need. It cannot be done with war which only brings more problems and more hatred. It can be accomplished by understanding and concern for all peoples in the world. We are a global community with every nation affecting every other nation. The key words of the future will be universality, not nationality; cooperation, not isolation; understanding and love, not war and hate. You have the power, will, intelligence and courage to bring these key words into actuality. It is through aligning yourself with the Soul's Purpose of your nation in making the necessary changes in government so urgently needed at this period in the history of the race.

If your talents are used in education, you have an enormous but very soul-gratifying task.
The present educational system does indeed need overhauling. So many intelligent youngsters quit school and get caught up in street gangs, violence, drugs, alcohol and so on because they don't know who they are and why they are here. You can bring them knowledge of the real Self, its divine heritage and its unique Soul's Purpose.

You have the ever-increasing Aquarian Age energies on your side which are inducing all of us to be our true Selves--to serve others consonant with the special reason for which we came into this life. Present education stifles this uniqueness. It says all students must learn certain things to progress to the next level or fail. It does not speak to the special potential of each child.

You have the ability to change this system so that all children know who they are, why they are here on earth. Then they can become aware of their unique capacities, leading them to find their Purpose in Life and thus taught the necessary subjects to attain it. It is sad to see the lives of many children being thrown away when they have so much to contribute to the evolvement of the race and to their own Soul progress.

It is imperative for the Spiritual, emotional and physical health of each student and for the contributions each can make to society, that each in the lower grades will know what his or her Soul's Purpose is. This should be followed throughout future education by the specific study necessary, customized to each child's Purpose in Life.

Ray-Centered astrologers working with teachers and parents can bring this condition into fruition, but it takes your expertise to bring this scenario about. You have the power, the will, the intelligence and the courage to make the changes in our school system so urgently needed at this period in the history of the race.

If your talents lead you to psychology, you, like the Ray 1 Soul in education, have an enormous task but one of great Soul satisfaction.

One of the most prevalent methods of mainstream psychologists is often referred to as the "Child Within Theory." It holds that if clients are taken back to childhood to relive their difficult experiences, which these therapists believe caused their problems, they will be cured. What happens is that these people must again suffer what they originally did as children, adding to the anger they feel toward those who wronged them or even toward God who gave them their parents in the first place.

This cruel and unsuccessful method can be changed by Ray 1 Souls through understanding the Universal Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (see Chapters IX and XII). With this understanding, you can explain these Universal Laws so that your clients become responsible for where they find themselves with the knowledge that their Souls chose their parents because of certain lessons they need to learn. They can be taught how taking responsibility for their problems does not mean suffering guilt ( See Chapter XII).

With your clear vision, you are able to see that we are all on different levels of evolvement and that wisdom tells us to accept and love ourselves and others wherever we and they are.
There is still another important change needed in psychology to help patients attain optimum physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health that you are capable of bringing about. It is in finding and manifesting one's unique Soul's Purpose for service. You are able to link Psychology with Ray-Centered Astrology to make this possible. Each one of us has much to offer and until we know why we came back to earth this time and begin to study toward manifesting it, life cannot seem worthwhile.

You have the power, the will, the intelligence and the courage to make these necessary changes in psychology so badly needed at this period in the history of the race.

If your Ray 1 Soul leads you into the Spiritual field, your task is to change the religious thought forms of the past Piscean Age of some 2000 years to that of the dawning Aquarian Age. This is no easy task, but you are up to it.

There are two strong religious thought forms which served humanity well in the past, but are now holding many people back and making their lives miserable. It is time for all humanity to release these worn-out concepts to make way for higher ones.

One is that those who pass away with serious imperfections will be damned forever in hell. This fear must be eradicated by substituting the fact that it is the heritage of each of us to become divine, no matter how many lifetimes it takes. There is both a transcendent loving God (entities in the higher planes) and an immanent God within each of us (our Higher Self) to help us evolve.

The other strong thought form that must be dissolved is intolerance for religions different from one's own. In speaking to Christians, Christ said, "Other sheep have I which are not of this fold." There are many paths to God--when people are no longer happy with the religion or Spiritual path they espouse, it is time to search for one with higher principles--a higher level of Spirituality. This may or may not be a group but might be meditation in the privacy of their homes. One's level of Soul evolvement determines what religion or path of Spirituality is right (see Chapters IX and XIV).

As a Ray 1 Soul choosing Spirituality as your mode of expression, you have the power, the will, the intelligence and the courage to bring about these and other needed changes of Spirituality from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age so needed in this period of the history of the race.

If your Ray 1 Soul leads you to science, you have great challenges and, when met, can affect advantageously every discipline including your own.

The greatest change you can make is to eradicate the theory that stars, planets and people came into existence for no special purpose and that when their physical bodies die, that is the end to them. You can replace this fallacy with the concept that Spirit (God) is in all physical forms--stars, planets and people, down to the consciousness of the atom and sub-atom, and that the essence of each will last forever (see Chapters IX and XV). There has been some work done in this area, but it awaits Ray 1 Souls to elaborate on these findings and bring these thoughts into the minds of the population at large.

Another change you can bring about is stressing to the masses who have blind faith in the statements of scientists that there are some areas of life that scientists cannot, with present research methods, prove or disprove. Science, at present, is a priori in the minds of most people because of success it has had in materialistic research. So what scientists declare, no matter how accurate or inaccurate, is more easily accepted by society than what leaders in any other discipline find.

You, as a Ray 1 Soul scientist, have the power, the will, the intelligence, and the courage to bring about needed changes in science and society so needed now.

As a Ray 1 Soul choosing astrology for your Soul's Purpose, you will find a deeper understanding of why great changes are occurring all over, especially in every discipline.
As you study astrology, you will not only find that humankind is going through an enormous change in all areas of life, but you will know the reasons. The most important is the shift of the Age of Pisces into that of Aquarius. You will know the types of energies of each Age and how they affect the minds of humanity. You will be aware that Pisces energy leads to blind faith in leaders of government, religion and other disciplines so necessary in the past, while Aquarius energy induces freedom of the individual to think and act by contacting his or her conscience.

You will also know that Pisces energy equates with communism in which the state takes preference over the individual, versus Aquarian energy which stresses social democracy--the freedom and rights of the individual to be who he or she is, along with sharing the world's goods with all those in need. You have much cosmic help to accomplish this task. The Piscean Age energies were mainly emotional and personality-focused. The present Aquarius Age energies are predominately mental, and because the mind is the bridge to the Soul, the Aquarian energies are Spiritual. Therefore personality-focused Traditional Astrology needs changing to Soul-focused Ray-Centered Astrology (see Chapter XI).

A second reason for monumental changes taking place is the present relationship of certain planets, such as the conjunction of Neptune and Uranus and the relationship of
Pluto and Saturn, depicting revolutionary changes from past self-centered desires to
transformational Spiritual aspirations.

Another reason for astronomical changes on earth today is the recent discovery of the Comet Chiron in 1977. Its energies equate with those of Ray-Centered Astrology in that both are considered a Rainbow Bridge from the personality to the Soul. Chiron is found between materialistic Saturn and Spiritual Uranus, and Ray-Centered Astrology uses energies of the Seven Rays for Soul evolvement. The characteristics of both are results of Ageless Wisdoms. Both are pioneering energies welcoming in the New Age. Both stress wounded healing properties--ability to help others, having suffered much and learning the lessons the suffering is meant to teach. The salient energy of both is to help every person find his or her Purpose in Life.

Because Ray-Centered Astrology, which is the astrology of the Aquarian Age, is the tool for astrologers to help people know who they are and why they are here, one of the changes you can make is to bring Ray-Centered Astrology more into mainstream astrology and to link it with psychology.

You have the power, the vision, the will, the intelligence and the courage to not only give astrology the credence it deserves and to bring Ray-Centered Astrology more into mainstream and link it with psychology, but to convey its value into the minds and hearts of practitioners of all other disciplines and of the public.

Because your have a Ray 1 Soul, your Ascendant is Aries, Capricorn or Leo. Following is an interpretation of the coloring of your Ray 1 Soul's Purpose with subsidiary energies of your Ascendant:

Ray 1 Soul with Aries Ascendant                                                                                Aries is the most powerful of the three possible Ascendants of Ray 1 Souls in its capacity to pioneer and trail-blaze with divine ideas. It is not difficult for you to make the present needed changes in the discipline of your choice. Each planet has exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical rulers which help to identify its energies. The exoteric ruler applies to all, while the esoteric and hierarchical rulers' energy can only be received when one is more highly evolved. Mars, the exoteric ruler of Aries, gives enthusiasm and bubbling energy to start something. As a ruler of Ray 6, Mars grants idealism and devotion to one's cause in uplifting humankind.

When you begin to eradicate your character flaws and prepare for your Soul's Purpose, you also receive the energies of Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries, giving you a keen, quick mind. As a ruler of Ray 4, Mercury helps you attain harmony in working out conflicts with self and others through understanding the Universal Laws of Reincarnation and Karma (see chapter IX).

When you are ready to serve others consonant with your Soul's Purpose, you also receive the energies of Uranus, the hierarchical ruler of Aries, which induces you to contemplate, receiving original ideas. Because Uranus is the ruler of Ray 7 of Order and Rhythm, you also have superb organizational leadership abilities.

Ray 1 Soul with Leo Ascendant
Your finesse in relating to others is an important adjunct in having people accept your ideas for change. Your self-confidence in knowing your accomplishment capabilities, coupled with strong will and determination to attain them, are added advantages. The Sun, the exoteric ruler of Leo, gives a sunny disposition and a positive outlook. As a ruler of Ray 2 of Love and Wisdom, the Sun bestows a capacity to teach and/or heal.

When you begin to eradicate your character flaws and prepare for your Soul's Purpose, you also receive the energies of Neptune, which the Sun veils, giving you exceptional capacities for inspirational divine ideas when you go into the silence. As a ruler of Ray 6, Neptune allots idealism and devotion to your cause.

When you are ready to serve others consonant with your Soul's Purpose, you also receive the energies of Uranus, which the Sun veils, urging you to meditate to receive intuitive original divine ideas. Uranus, as a ruler of Ray 7 of Order and Rhythm, gives great organization and leadership abilities.

Ray 1 Soul with Capricorn Ascendant
Your ability to discipline self and engage in persistent hard work, even when it seems that you have a lost cause, will often bring success. These same traits are a priori in changing character weaknesses into strengths which make Capricorn the Sign of Initiation--giving optimal help to raise your level of consciousness. Saturn, the exoteric ruler of Capricorn and a ruler of Ray 3 of Creative Intelligence, gives you an enhanced abstract mind capable of creating theories, original concepts and inventions.

When you begin to eradicate your character flaws and prepare for your Soul's Purpose, you receive the energies of the esoteric ruler of Capricorn which is also Saturn. Here, Saturn gives, in addition to original ideas of the average person, a greater dedication and almost instant feedback (Karma) to the steps you make in your life work so that you know whether to keep those steps or substitute better ones.

When you are ready to serve others consonant with your Soul's Purpose, you also receive the energies of Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, instilling in you a love of your life work--one of the most important indices to success. As the Rule of Ray 5, Venus also enhances your concrete mind, increasing your capabilities for logic, reason and scientific research.

Ray 1 Soul with your Pesonality Ray
Your Personality Ray shows the kind of energy you have to carry out your Ray 1 Soul's Purpose. Details of your Personality Ray are found in the chapter designating that Ray--Ray 1 Personality in Chapter I, Ray 2 Personality in Chapter II and so on. Following are general meanings of your Personality Ray as it aligns with your Soul Ray. This is only an over-view:

With a Ray 1 Personality, you are in rapport with your Ray 1 Soul's Purpose, giving you untold power, not only to will your Soul's Purpose strongly into your mind but to actually carry it out.

If you have a Ray 2 Personality of Love and Wisdom, you can make the necessary changes in the discipline of your choice by teaching and/or healing others physically, mentally and/or Spiritually with love and wisdom.

With a Ray 3 Personality of Creative Intelligence, changes will be made in a very original fashion.

A Ray 4 Personality of Harmony through Conflict will make the changes through counseling or a form of art, such as writing, music and so on.

With a Ray 5 Personality of the Concrete Mind, you will make changes with logic, reason and possibly research.

A Ray 6 Personality of Idealism and Devotion will make changes with strong motivation of uplifting humankind in a devoted, idealistic manner.

If you have a Ray 7 Personality of Order and Rhythm, the changes your Soul urges you to make will be done in an organized, leadership capacity.


Pisces or Taurus Sun Sign gives a Ray 1 Personality

You have a powerful, stong-willed personality, coupled with courage to carry out your Soul's Purpose, whatever it is. You have the capacity to see the whole picture of any problem or issue.

Your greatest challenge is to develop love and concern for others. Your innate capacity for determination can be successfully used in trying to fill the needs of others. You have a tendency to quickly attain what you want, often hurting others. Unless you give equal energy to others' needs and your own, you will find that your powerful personality will backfire in giving you lesson-teaching instant Karma, impeding the manifestation of your life work.

Because you have a Ray 1 Personality, you have either a Taurus or Pisces Sun Sign, the interpretation of which colors your Ray 1 Personality.

Please read the following three categories for your Sun Sign to identify yourself as average, advanced or very advanced in carrying out your Soul's Purpose, and what you can do to pull yourself up to the next phase. The more advanced you are, the better you can help others and the greater your success, health, happiness and joy.

Average Taurus Sun Sign Person
You are governed by Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus and the ruler of Ray 5 of the Concrete Mind. Your powerful personality is used in materialistic concerns, such as riches, fame, honor, self-centeredness and over-sexuality, often with a stubbornness that brooks no interference. As a Ruler of Ray 5 of the Concrete Mind, Venus also enhances your logical mind. Your intention to do whatever you set out to do is accented by your powerful nature and can be seen by others in your facial expression, your walk, your speech and your actions.

You often have brilliant ideas because you are able to see the whole picture and put all parts in their proper perspective, but if it is done in a dictatorial, uncooperative, prideful fashion without recognizing that others may have equally good or better ideas, it will backfire.

You have the most strong-willed, yet most stable personality of all Sun Signs. Because of your immense power, you may initially get any project to first base, but because you must deal with people, your project often does not endure, no matter how brilliant.

Your primary motivation in carrying out your Life Plan must always be love and concern for others if your wish your work to last. What good does it do if you antagonize people by your indifference to their needs while trying to get a project of your creation off the ground? Projects can never take preference over peoples' needs--you will only put yourself and your project in limbo because of undesirable thoughts, words and actions you send out.

Even though you may hurt many people in a short span of time, you learn more quickly than any other Sun Sign because of the Law of Karma--the resulting difficult lesson-teaching experiences prompt you to change your focus from self-centered desires to concern for others, putting you in the advanced category.

Advanced Taurus Sun Sign Person
Your primary motivation is serving others. You have great stamina, determination and power to carry out your Soul's Purpose, whatever it is. You receive the energy of Vulcan, which is a ruler of Ray 1 of Will and Power and esoteric ruler of Taurus. An astronomer recently found that Vulcan must be within eight and one-half degrees of the Sun.

Vulcan helps you in meditation to bring from the unconscious to the conscious mind, repressions, guilt feelings and wrong attitudes, stored from this life and past lives. Then you can rid yourself of them through understanding (see Chapter IX).

You also receive much energy from Venus, but on a higher level than the average Taurus Sun Sign person in that Venus now gives power to use your mind in controlling undesirable emotions. Desire for materialistic concerns has now changed to desire for Spiritual aspirations and illumination.

Very Advanced Taurus Sun Sign Person
You receive the energy of Vulcan on even a higher level than in the advanced state. Vulcan here gives the power not only to destroy character weaknesses, but transmutes some or all of your sexual energy from a lower chakra into the throat chakra, giving you astounding talent for creativity (See Chapter XIII). You also receive abundant energy from Venus, but even on a higher level than in the advanced category. This enhances your logical, reasoning mind and, because Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, a capacity for immense self-discipline and persistence. Your passwords are the change from stubbornness and self-centered desires to determination in serving humanity with love.

Average Pisces Sun Sign Person
Your Pisces Sun Sign gives you enormous power to carry out your Soul's Purpose consonant with your Soul Ray, whatever it is, as does the Taurus Sun Sign person. But while he or she goes about it in a way that the world can see, your method is altogether different. Your power and will is as strong as a Taurus Sun Sign person, yet very few others are aware of this because of the subtlety of your powerful will, a decided advantage.

Your way is inward--you seldom speak of your intentions, but think and meditate about them deeply. Your sensitive nature gives you the capacity to often know what is in the minds of those concerned with your desired project, helping you decide what your next step should be. Also your strong thoughts have power in actualizing your work.

It may be difficult for you to manifest your Soul's Purpose because of a lack of self-confidence in your abilities. Your greatest challenge is to use your intense sensitivity to find how you can best help humankind through your Soul's Purpose.

You are ruled by Neptune, the exoteric ruler of Pisces and a ruler of Ray 6 of Idealism and Devotion, giving you great sensitivity, idealism and devotion to a cause. You are very aware of thoughts and feelings of others. Unless you have understanding and compassion for those with undesirable thoughts, you will suffer much because like attracts like.

When you feel or think on a low level, you strongly attract thoughts and feelings of others on the same level. Sometimes it seems this is too much to bear, and you may try to cop out through alcoholism, drug addiction or mental illness, thus distancing you from those who love you and making it impossible to manifest your Soul's Purpose. Become aware that we are all on different levels of evolvement. Understanding and love toward those whose thoughts are undesirable is more important for you than for any other Sun Sign because of your sensitivity.

When you know that none of us is perfect and that we create our own environment (see Chapter IX), you will be able to show compassion and kindness toward the suffering which will give you self-confidence so that you can carry out your Soul's Purpose with power, courage and brilliance, thus putting you in the advanced category.

Advanced Pisces Sun Sign Person
Pluto, the esoteric ruler of Pisces and a ruler of Ray 1 of Power and Will, gives you immense power to regenerate Spiritually--to rid yourself of character weaknesses. Pluto's energy, coupled with Neptune's on a higher level than the average Pisces Sun Sign person receives, gives you astounding inspiration, vision and power to carry out your Soul's Purpose, whatever it is.

Neptune's energy gives vision and where there is no vision, humankind is diminished. Neptune here helps you become aligned with what is real--the immortal Self--and to help others accept their real Selves. You are beginning to feel at One with all life.

Very Advanced Pisces Sun Sign Person
You are influenced mainly by Pluto, the hierarchical ruler of Pisces and a ruler of Ray 1 of Will and Power, the same planet influencing the advanced Sun Sign person. Here, Pluto's energies come on a higher level in which you have the power to change your will to the Divine Will.

You also receive abundantly the energies of Neptune, but on a higher level than even the advanced Pisces Sun Sign person. Its energies inspire you with God's Plan for earth, and how, in carrying out your special contribution, you fit into it. You are capable of manifesting your Soul's Purpose with a personality of clear vision in seeing the whole picture with understanding, power and courage.

(More information for Ray 1 Souls and Personalities is found in Chapters IX, X and XIV)

                               SUCCESSFUL RAY 1 SOULS                                              

Ray 1 Souls have power to make great needed changes in various disciplines. Following are examples of Ray 1 Souls who have made immense changes in government, astronomy, religion, astrology, psychology and the arts:

Ray 1 Souls with Ray 1 Personalities of Will and Power                                             They not only have powerful inner drives but equally powerful Personalities to manifest their drives.  

Mikchail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Republic, instigated desired revolutionary changes affecting all the world. His Ray 1 Soul indicates his Life Purpose is making radical changes and his Leo Ascendant shows these changes would be to allow individuals the freedom for self-realization--manifesting one's Soul's Purpose. His Ray 1 Personality gives him much power to carry out his Soul's Purpose with compassion and kindness for the suffering (Pisces Sun), helping millions in their Spiritual evolvement.

George Washington, with both a Ray 1 Soul and Personality, initiated enormous changes, being the first President of the United States (Aries Ascendant), and used his powerful Ray 1 Personality to carry these changes out.

Edward Kennedy also has both a Ray 1 Soul and Personality. He has the power to institute greatly needed changes and an equally powerful Personality to carry them out.

King Edward IV had a Ray 1 Soul and Personality, affording him power for his position.

Galileo's Ray 1 Soul and Personality enabled him to make gigantic changes in astronomy.

One does not always use his or her Ray energy wisely. Machiavelli also had Ray 1 Soul and Personality with a Capricorn Ascendant and Taurus Sun. In his book, he wrote that the end justifies the means which caused many conflicts in various governments and more problems for himself.

It is not only individuals that have Soul and Personality Rays--nations, organizations, and groups also do. The American Federation of Astrologers has both a Ray 1 Soul and Personality, giving it immense power to institute and carry out needed changes in the astrological community and in the outside world. But it must be done with love and wisdom, which Machiavelli lacked, to be successful.

Ray 1 Souls with Ray 2 Personalities of Love and Wisdom                                            They have great power to make needed changes in any discipline to be carried out in a teaching and/or healing capacity.   

Spiritual Leader Sri Auribindo used his Ray 1 Soul energy by changing outworn religious concepts. His success in healing many people with his Ray 2 Personality of Love and Wisdom helped him carry out his Soul's Purpose in convincing many that the concepts he introduced are valid.

Psychologist Helen Wamback changed deeply the thinking of many with her Ray 1 Soul energy through her esoteric work. She carried out her Soul's Purpose with her Ray 2 Personality by healing clients through helping them understand the Law of Reincarnation.

Alex Haley, a Ray 1 Soul, whose Purpose was changing wrong attitudes concerning the African-American population, used his Ray 2 Personality of Love and Wisdom to heal millions Spiritually and emotionally.

Ray 1 Souls with Ray 3 Personalities of Creative Intelligence                                          Their Souls' Purposes are to make great needed changes in any discipline with Personalities that can bring about these changes in original ways.

Yogananda instituted many changes in Spiritual concepts in the West when he founded the Self-Realization Movement with his Ray 1 Soul energy. His Ray 3 Personality of Creative Intelligence supplied him with original ideas for his mission.

Ray 1 Souls--Ray 4 Personalities--Harmony and Conflict                                              They have the power to make great needed changes in any discipline with Personalities to help others attain harmony, such as in counseling or art.

Grandma Moses, whose powerful Ray 1 Soul demonstrated to humankind that age has no barriers, found her Soul's Purpose was to greatly change the thinking of many. At age 78 she began her successful painting career and at age 92 had her first book published. Her Ray 4 Personality of Harmony through Conflict gave her the ability to portray beauty in carrying out her Soul's Purpose.

Edmond G. Brown also has a Ray 1 Soul whose Purpose in Life is to use power to make needed governmental changes which he did as Governor of California. He had help in carrying out his Soul's Purpose with his Ray 4 Personality of Harmony through Conflict which prompted him to engage in many Spiritual studies.

Otto von Bismarck, the 19th century Prussian statesman who founded the German Empire and became its first Chancellor, had a Ray 1 Soul. With the energy of his Ray 4 Personality of Harmony through Conflict, he united the German people under one government.

Ray 1 Souls with Ray 5 Personalities of the Concrete Mind                      
       They have the power to make great needed changes in any discipline and the ability to actualize this in a practical, useful way.

His Holiness, Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharahj, had a Ray 1 Soul which gave him the power to found the World Fellowship of Religions. His Ray 5 Personality of the Concrete Mind helped him carry out his Soul's Purpose through the logical reasons he gave others for working on Spiritual evolvement.

The Ray 1 Soul of Walt Whitman, an American poet, gave him the impetus for his powerful writings helping democracy. His Ray 5 Personality of the Concrete Mind enabled him to write in a manner that seemed reasonable, logical and practical to his many readers.

Ray 1 Soul and Ray 6 Personalities of Idealism, Devotion
     They have the power to make great needed changes in any discipline which are carried out with devoted personalities.

Joan Campbell with her Ray 1 Soul (and Aries Ascendant, giving pioneering capacity) became the first female General Secretary of the National Council of Churches. Her Ray 6 Personality and Scorpio Sun indicate idealism and devotion in carrying out her Soul's Purpose.

Ray 1 Soul with Ray 7 Personalities of Rhythm and Order                                           They have the power to make great needed changes in any discipline which are carried out in an organized way with powerful Personalities.

Psychiatrist R. D. Laing with his Ray 1 Soul introduced desirable changes in psychiatry, and worked diligently in an organized fashion, in tune with his Ray 7 Personality, for these changes to be accepted.

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