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This new "Ray-Centered Astrology" developed by the author is commanding attention across eight disciplines:

ASTROLOGY: "Congratulations on a masterpiece. Ray-Centered Astrology is an excellent work of esoteric research and study."--astrologer Terance Sillett

EDUCATION: "Using Ray-Centered Astrology, we have spectacular results with understanding, learning and behaviour. We are grateful for approaching this realistically, magically and understandingly."--principal Sequoia Preparatory School and Insight child Development Center"--Alexandra Kolkmeyer

PHILOSOPHY: "I am greatly fascinated and enthusiastic about Ray-Centered Astrology. It is an excellent contribution for teachers, psychologists, astrologers, counselors and for everyone. I have used it for counseling with rich rewards. I am grateful to you as all the world should and will be."--philosopher, poet, essayist William Walters

SPIRITUALITY: "Very accurate, very deep and beautiful."--World Fellowship of Religions founder His Holiness Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj

SCIENCE: "Ray-Centered Astrology is extremely enlightening along with a new dimension to the more common astrological interpretive techniques."--computer technician, astrologer C. Michael Smith

METAPHYSICS: "My Virgo Moon and Ray 5 Soul have often caused me to reject many things which seem too unscientific for one of my bent...When I found your book, I cried for joy."--metaphysician, psychologist, astrologer Dr. Marion Blumenthal

PUBLISHING, LITERATURE: "It is very enlightening and comprehensive and can be a gold mine."--editor of "Welcome to Planet Earth" magazine, astrologer Mark Lerner

SEEKERS OF TRUTH: "The Seven Rays are constants in a changing universe. Just as a fine telescope enables us to see beyond the mundane, the Rays draw the mind's eye to higher dimensions which are just as real. Your book served to further my belief that you are indeed on the paths of both logic and spirit."--Claire Soule

"This book provides a map to the well of truth that's as clear as any I've ever seen. It will speak to your soul, clearly and simply and in plain English, not riddles. It is original and a blend of common sense and psychological soundness."--Donna Van Toen, reviewer

"Ruth Mierswa has spent about a quarter of a century working in this field. This book can revolutionise your life...A profound work awakening your intuition and turning you vision toward the spiritual."--Mark Lerner, reviewer, editor "Welcome to Planet Earth."

"A great book which can bring peace, happiness and success by guiding you to find your Life Purpose and Personality Type, and by contemplating on Mierswa's original ideas in the chapters on psychology, spirituality, astrology, healing and science--such things as when it is superfluous to forgive anyone, finding the spiritual path right for you and how alcoholics anonymous can better help participants."--Nancy Picarretto

"An esoteric branch of mainstream astrology, provides an outlet for those who want more spiritual guidance in their interpretations. If you are interested in Tibetan Wisdom and simplified astrology, this book is right up your alley."--Dell Horoscope magazine by reviewer Chris Lorenz

"I've never put much stock in astrology. At first when I tried her system, I was attempting to debunk it. But after I realised that it was painting a reasonably accurate picture of me, I tried the system on everybody I knew enough about. Not once was I disappointed...Mierswa has an almost motherly tone to her writing, making the reader feel right at home. On a scale of 1-10, this book rates a 9."--Fairport, NY High School Newspaper, reporter Chris Chester

"Your descriptions of Soul and Personality Types for myself, friends, and clients were right on target. This book can be of immeasurable value when used as a tool for spiritual growth and healing. It will definitely add to (and perhaps fundamentally change) my own astrological work."--astrologer Barbara Jean Tegge

"I love the way you write--so comfortable and personal."--Sherry Carroll

"Fascinating!"--Jim Ayers, editor

"A great book."--Irene Bouchard

"An excellent work."--Jill Kramer, author

TO ORDER "Who You Are and Why You Are Here," 312 pages, copyright 1998 with index, send check or money order for $16+$3 S/H for first book US +$1 for each additional one; elsewhere $16+$6 on US bank for first book +$2 for each additional one; NY residents, please add $1.28 Tax to: Ruth Mierswa, 1092 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, NY 14450


Life Purpose and Personality Type