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Find your LIFE PURPOSE and PERSONALITY TYPE with original system developed by author

also INSIGHTS from AGELESS WISDOMS for happiness and success

All this and much more are found in this book, the pioneering work of author Ruth Mierswa, that has turned her life and others completely around. Irene Bouchard, Naples, NY said that before she knew the information in this book and made it a part of herself, she was so frustrated that she felt she couldn't go on any longer, but now is happier than she has ever been and is uplifting many others. Nancy Piccarreto, Rochester, NY became very ill, but after using the concepts in this book, her health has not only improved, but she is helping others in the way she has been helped.

Psychologists say that to attain good health, one's Life Purpose must be manifested, but they have no tools to find it. This book, Who You Are and why you Are Here, has the tools! Mierswa developed a system to find one's Life Purpose and Personality Type that is validated by showing in this book how the life Purposes of 226 successful people found by this system coincide with the contributions of each and by six studies and four bar graphs.

So many people are hurting. They want to know, "Why me? Why did this happen to me?" They are searching for answers and have not found them in science, organised religions or psychology. They are now turning to spirituality and astrology, pushing these disciplines headlong into mainstream. Now, this spiritual/astrology book answers these questions and more on a detailed and deep level, accepted by readers all the way from a fourteen year old who said, "It makes sense" to a skeptical scientist--a book that world lecturer, book reviewer Donna Van Toen wrote, "Provides a map to the well of truth that speaks to your soul clearly and simply."

Spiritual astrology is gaining serious coverage in all areas of the media. The July 1997 issue of LIFE featured a zodiac cover titled, "Why So Many Of Us Now Believe The stars Reflect The Soul, ASTROLOGY RISING" with a lead article.

No knowledge of astrology is necessary to understand this book. The first half identifies your Soul's Purpose and Personality Type and gives copious details. The basis for this first half is a new astrology developed by Mierswa, using the SEVEN RAYS from contemplating the 24 Alice Bailey books. Hans Kostwog, who educates psychotherapists, physicists, economists, judges and healers in Holland and Germany, believes that the SEVEN RAYS are the most important--the framework that brings all other disciplines together. This book shows how the RAYS not only can bring all disciplines together and lift each to a higher level, but especially how each reader can be lifted to a higher level.Some of the workable insights explained in the last half of the book:

How astrology, psychology, healing, spirituality and science can better help humankind

No religious dogma, but many spiritual universal concepts explained

Why some people are born with talents, good health or superior intellect and not others

Why difficult experiencess are blessings in disguise

Why some people have many difficult experiences

How everything happens for your ultimate good

How you create your own reality

Why and how your thoughts can either injure or heal

How to be unhurt by those who wrong you

How to get rid of anger and guilt and love yourself and others

Why the parents you have are the best one for your soul progress

Why people who have nervous breakdowns are often very highly evolved

What in the author's horoscope indicates why she wrote this book

Five arguments some scientists use against astrology and Mierswa's refutations

What the great minds of the past and present say about astrology

Who You Are and Why You Are Here, index, 312 pp, copyright 1998

To Order: Send check or money order $16+$3 S/H for first book US +$1 each additional one; $16+$6 elsewhere on US bank for first book +$2 each additional one; NY residents, please add $1.28 Tax to: Ruth Mierswa, 1092 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, NY 14450

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